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Good quality food

Address the growing demands for online delivery of good quality food and pantry staples

Make ordering easy

On our website, you can order from all the restaurants in one go, without having to go through the hassle of making a ton of orders.

Delivering every day

Food is delivered to your office at the same time every day.

Who are we

Saveur Consulting Sdn Bhd

A team of dedicated

A team driven by food and determination

Years of experiences

In the field of food, business and marketing


When do you deliver ?
We deliver each day at the same time depending on your location.
Where do you deliver ?
We deliver in your company’s building !
Is it possible to order for a big group of people ?
Of course as you can choose food from different restaurants.

If you have more question, you can contact us at :

Phone : +60 111 1111 11
Mail : contact@saveur-kitchen.com